With the release of Smash 4 I, making myself a challenge, decided to try at least one game for every character in the game. I didn’t stick much to it at the time. I was a lot younger. More interested in some of the recent stuff. For some reason, I also just really didn’t want to touch Metroid. Since then I’ve played most of the games that I figured I would’ve back then. I had an idea for Indie Gamer Team. I called it “What Once was Indie” in which I would’ve reviewed an AAA, one bought up by a major studio, and reviewed it. Giving an opinion of the game, and then why I thought it was important that game got singled out among indies.

I thought up The Series of Smash Bros. when I wanted to review a couple of the games I had played to fit the challenge. I didn’t feel right to only review about eight games with that moniker so, after discussing it a bit with a few journalist friends, I reworked the concept.

I will be reviewing one game I believe best represents every fighter in the series. No corners cut, no echo exemption, I’m going grand with this idea. However, that doesn’t mean one review per fighter. Most reviews will be for one specific fighter, but I will lump specific fighters together with a game. For example Super Mario Galaxy with Mario, Peach, Bowser, Rosalina & Luma, Bowser Jr, and Piranha Plant. Figuring out the game list took easily the most time I’ve currently put into this project. I’ve selected my list and intend to follow through with every game on it.

These will be simple reviews of each title, with at least one paragraph dedicated to the fighter(s) in question. It seems like a simple formula, but it will take a lot of time. I’m not currently promising any order, or what game I’m tackling at the time. However, you’ll probably be able to get some hints based on my twitter.

I hope you all really enjoy this concept. It took up quite a bit of time thinking up. I also want to specifically thank Jonathan Faust for helping me so much with the list of games. I hope to see you reading the review, and then we can settle it in Smash!