Mobile gaming is often chastised for being less than console experiences. Sometimes, a player just needs something bite-sized to enjoy for short bursts. Mobile games forced onto consoles, or vice-versa, usually fall flat on their face. In Spiral Splatter, you move a ball into the goal. You can speed up by holding down the A button. Spiral Splatter is as easy to understand as it gets, but it sets out to fill a simple niche.

Scattered across eleven stages, you’ll have one hundred six unique puzzles to overcome. It’s always intuitive to understand the solution. The difficulty comes from beating the levels as quickly as possible. Sometimes, I’d feel as if I breezed through a challenge with too much time to spare, but in later sections, I’d often find myself aggravated with how quickly the clock ticked. Your reaction times will be tested and well.

Spiral Splatter is a perfect casual experience designed for consoles. You’ll find an easy to understand experience that will pull no punches as time ticks on. The bite-sized niche is mostly filled by the touch-screen, but Spiral Splatter continues to prove that some experiences are better for the controller. I highly recommend giving it a go.

In 2018, I received a review code for Spiral Splatter. At the time, I ran a Youtube channel that was building a decent following. I immediately used the code when I received it, but I never went back and downloaded the game. I did not provide developer Neonchimp, or publisher Sometimes You, the content I should’ve. I deeply apologize to them both.