A review copy was provided by Kata Games
Screenshots provided by Kata Games (Steam wouldn’t allow screenshots for this title)

As the world moved on to allow anyone to develop games, indie creators began looking back fondly at the titles of their youth. With Youtube rising to prominence, you could see the recorded reactions of almost anyone! The most popular genre to rise was horror, but I’m not here to talk about Amnesia or FNaF. Rage games became a close second. Now? A new generation of developers are inspired by titles like Super Meat Boy and I Wanna Be The Guy. Inspired by classic platformers, and the indie legends that succeeded them, Kata Games developed Rage Among The Stars. I was asked to take a look, and share what I thought with you!

Rage Among The Stars is a very simple game. You’re a small alien in an unfamiliar and hostile world. You can double jump and wall-jump, have fun! There are a few cutscenes leading up to bosses, but you’re mostly let loose to just beat the stages. I think there’s nothing wrong with a minuscule set-up! You just have to bring a strong game.

Physics just never felt right. I couldn’t get used to them. Instead of hitboxes, collision is depicted by each sprite. This design choice is fine, but it makes things unnecessarily more complicated. Level design is mostly amazing! There are a ton of wonderful setpieces and truly satisfying shortcuts. There are quite a few levels, especially early on, that just feel too difficult. Mechanics needed to be introduced slower before ramping up. I can clearly see the passion, but I think that they forgot that they’re the best player in the world.

Rage Amongst The Stars looks fine enough. Some sprites can be very off-putting, but the main character looks good enough for me to overlook the others. I think it re-uses the same few music tracks too much. I got sick of them by the end of the road.

Kata Games has a lot of potential. This game could truly have been, or become, something great. I think the game needed to be a little more open to casual players. There is an easy mode, but it doesn’t fix any of the problems I had with the game. If you’re looking for something cheap and difficult to burn a day or two, I don’t think you could go wrong here.