Sometimes, a genre is so commonplace that you completely look over it. I’ve always been familiar with point-and-click adventures. Heard the great tales of Monkey Island and the dysfunctional quips of Sam and Max, but I’ve never sat down to give it a shot. With the announcement that TellTale’s classic, Sam and Max Save the World, would be remastered, I figured it was a perfect opportunity to jump in.

So are you, Max.

Much like most of TellTale’s library, Sam and Max Save the World is a collection of episodic adventures tied together with key-characters and a common plot-thread. Unlike most TellTale games, Sam and Max truly lean into being episodic. The duo of freelance police always begin in the office, receive a call from the commissioner, and must set out to stop a menace of mass hypnosis.

These types of experiences are all about the story you track and the puzzles you solve to follow it. All of your problems will be solved by clicking on things and chatting with characters, in specific orders. Sam and Max provide a tsunami of dastardly declarations and asinine announcements. Their dynamic is a dead-wringer for good cop/bad cop, and it sliced significant smiles on my face.

Sam and Max make you earn being freelance police in this dog-eat-dog-eat-apple world. Most puzzles will put your intuition to the test, and solving them relieves more stress than repeatedly beating former child stars. Quite a few felt random and disjointed, I would feel stuck and annoyed by the constant backtracking between seemingly disconnected tasks to fill a quota.

If you’re only in the market for dry humor, I recommend you mix it with wet because too much is bad for you, Sam and Max Save the World will keep you coming back. As my first true point-and-click-adventure, I feel satisfied and excited to give the genre more spins. I highly recommend you check out Sam and Max Save the World, if only for the cheese!