“AMONG US is a simplistic game where four to ten people join a lobby to successfully finish their small tasks” is what I would say if AMONG US was boring. Everyone is familiar with the crewmate VS. imposter dynamic, so I don’t want to focus on it in this review.

AMONG US shadow dropped right onto the Nintendo Switch in today’s Indie World showcase. It’s one of the biggest games of 2020, but many people, myself included, were skeptical of how it could work on consoles.

AMONG US Switch runs just as smoothly as it does on phones. Every task has been outfitted with new controls designed for the Switch Joy-Con. It’s important to note that these controls would be incredibly easy to adapt to potential Xbox and PlayStation ports down the line. Crossing wires and blowing leaves takes a bit to get used to with an analog-stick, but controlling the crewmate/imposter is as smooth as you could imagine. You can still control some tasks using the Switch’s touchscreen, but most functionality using it has been wiped. I wish I could toggle playing it just like mobile.

This port is incredibly buggy. Vents just don’t work unless you tap the screen. In tasks with virtual cursors, it will sometimes reset to a “(0.0)” position in the top left corner of the screen. Exiting to the home menu for any reason will kick you. In my opinion, the worst offender are the join and quit game buttons only working when touched. You can spam A with them selected and absolutely nothing will happen.

I’m incredibly excited that AMONG US has come to Switch, and I think there’s a lot you can do with console versions of this game. This port just wasn’t ready. It’s the same $5 you would spend on Steam, but you can also play the game for free on mobile. Until InnerSloth irons it out, and I trust they will, I can’t recommend picking it up.

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