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Fight of Gods is a game where you fight random internet twitter users for glory of followers! Oh! Wrong script, my sincerest apologies. Fight of Gods is a game you wouldn’t want to play next to your very religious crush. Norse mythology, Christianity, and even Santa Claus. Truly everyone is here, but how epic can a fighting game with God be?

Developer: Digital Crafter
Publisher: Digital Crafter
3 Hours Played // Review Copy Provided // $12.99

Fight of Gods is a very mediocre fighting game. Characters can be very over-powered. There isn’t a good balance anywhere. Attacks feel sluggish, and don’t hold a weight when they land. You have big bulky fighters like Odin, but also small and fast opponents like Moses. Why they let Moses swing the commandments over Sif? Who knows, and who cares? The basic fighting was very dissatisfying. I found Jesus had the best move in the game, a t-pose button. I suppose he truly has some sin in him after all.

Even Jesus Christ likes the dankest of memes

Fight of Gods doesn’t look like a game from the time of Moses, but it doesn’t look like a game made within the last decade. It looks, and feels like the developers really cared, but couldn’t execute on such a silly premise. Perhaps they should’ve struck a deal with Odin, instead of using his likeness without permission.

On oddly detailed part of Fight of Gods are the stage backgrounds. They look really great in motion, and have lots of care put into their designs. They look as if ripped straight from the writings they are described in. I was very impressed with them in play, even if I was very bored by the fighting.

Thou shall not be envious of your neighbors wife, but thou may fight her.

Contrary to the backgrounds, Fight of Gods has an overall poor presentation from startup. The titles menus are confusing, and debatably horrible. The UI feels like something from a 90’s arcade; truly, as ancient as the writings this game is based on.

It may not completely make up for UI, but Fight of Gods also has oddly epic music. The soundtracks feel, above all else, powerful. It’s as if an orchestra of angels performed it. In fact, considering the subject matter, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if this was the case. Too bad they couldn’t bless the actual fighting portion a bit more!

Overall Fight of Gods is a mediocre experience, not favored by the Gods it portrays. Not even the ability to watch Santa beat up Moses will save this mess of a fighting game. However, it may help you settle some social media debates. Buddha versus Jesus is a hot topic nowadays. Fight of Gods earns the . . . Nindie Nexus Empty Heart. I couldn’t get into it at all, and can’t find it in me to recommend to anyone.