There’s nothing more fun than perfectly concocted multiplayer madness. How many of your best gaming memories are defined by securing a point against all odds, last-minute blue-shells, and those poorly placed grenades that send your friend flying right alongside the flood? My favorite multiplayer sessions are the ones where the game makes it just as easy to scream at my friends as it is to celebrate them.

In Overcooked you are a chef. A giant monster has come to destroy the world if you cannot satisfy its appetite. You fail, so the mighty King Onion must send you back in time to train you! The game is incredibly simple. You and up to three friends must make food. These recipes are simplistic and easy to memorize, but you’ll have to serve up dozens perfectly if you want to succeed. When it gets down to the water, the room is sure to erupt.

All You Can Eat combines the campaigns of the original games, all the DLC, and adds some extra levels and online multiplayer as a special secret ingredient! All wrapped up into a beautiful next-gen experience. Overcooked has never been a particularly great looking game, but the way Ghost Town Games takes advantage of the power PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series bring is jaw-dropping.

I thought the concept would wear-thin quickly, but each level brings one new gimmick to spice things up. There are a few misfires in the pile, but the large majority of stages were incredibly fun and rewarding to complete with all three stars. The original Overcooked campaign is especially rough, but it never made us want to quit. By the end of the road, all four of us were craving more and some water to calm our throats.

It’s pretty clear that this didn’t go according to plan!

As a generality, I would recommend the Overcooked series to anyone looking for a good game to pick-up when the quarantines are lifted, but All You Can Eat offers enough for me to label it the quintessential current-gen party game. Great online, dozens of accessibility options for those with hindered motor skills or poor perception, and it’s just so fun. Does the Overcooked veteran who’s spent tens of hours in the original games need to hop in? Certainly not, but if you’ve not ordered in, I suggest you go for the All You Can Eat special and chow down for dozens of hours more!

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