Have you ever felt alone? Ignored? Betrayed? Have you found yourself the center of blame so damming you can’t help but deny? When an entire town is swallowed up by donut holes, one raccoon must face this nightmare scenario. Donut County is a small story about discovery, the hollow earth theory, and knowing when to quit your nine-to-five.

The gameplay of Donut County is incredibly simple. A small hole forms, you suck things up, the hole grows bigger, and you eventually become a limitless mass. It’s a simple and rewarding gameplay loop that kept me around to complete the game all in one sitting. While I played on Xbox, it’s obvious the game was designed for the mouse. I would recommend playing on PC if possible.

Donut County is a brilliant story with a deceivingly simple art-style that I found quite heartwarming. The characters were well-written and funny, dialogue over text felt so realistic it hurt my soul, and the narrative took turns I didn’t expect from something so simple. My only problem is that it waits too long to show its hand. The most unique ideas and puzzles are all seen in the final minutes of the game. It’s a three-hour ride you’ll only go on once, but I felt it was worth checking out.