The best quality in an artist is a passion for their art. In games, a developer who appreciates what they’re making as much as what they’ve experienced is a developer whose work will shine far brighter than anything put out by big-budget studios. Thousands of games are designed for millions of players, but there are very few that are designed for only the developer themselves.

Toree 3D is a perfect homage to the 3D platformers of the original Playstation. There’s a cute mascot, great music, low-poly graphics, tight controls, time-honored ideas with unique twists, and a few unlockable characters to boot! Toree feels like what you remember playing Crash and Spyro. While they’re a bit clunky today, Toree’s gameplay is polished to perfection.

Ironically, the camera served as a bit of a problem when trying to hunt for collectibles and unlocking the secret characters. It’s also inverted, the standard I know, but I wish there were options to change it.

Toree 3D is a passion project that goes above and beyond to recapture the fire that classic 3D platformers left in kids of that generation. While it’s insanely short, I took only about two hours collecting all-stars, it was well worth the $1 entry into Siactro’s head.