Sometimes, you hear about a game so much that you’re afraid to touch it. Even as a huge fan of Pokémon, Snap has been talked up so highly that I was afraid to even go near it. A game about taking pictures of fictional creatures, on the N64, how could I possibly enjoy that? When Nintendo and Bandai Namco announced New Pokémon Snap, I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to take the plunge.

You play as Todd Snap, an amateur photographer working under Professor Oak. Your goal is to take as many pictures of Pokémon as possible and send the best up to Oak to rate. Todd is outfitted with his trusty camera, some apples, pester balls, and even the pokéflute all to set up the best shots.

Pester balls have some very twisted implications on this universe. It’s one thing we’re forcibly battling and capturing these creatures for our amusement, but now we’re committing actual war crimes for the sake of a picture too? I have many questions but I don’t think I want the answer to any of them.

The legacy of Pokémon Snap ruins it as an experience. Those with great nostalgia talk it up as what they imagined it, the experience that New Pokémon Snap offers today, but I can’t connect with this game the way they could. The game is perfectly fine, but at just under two hours to see and do everything I couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed. I like Pokémon Snap, I really do, and I appreciate what people regard it as, but don’t think you’re missing out on some perfect experience along the way.