Very few concepts are timeless. Your skill will improve, your jokes will age poorly, and reception will worsen as greater works are offered. There’s always that one-in-a-million. The idea so perfect that it might not even need a new coat of paint to stay timeless. A comedy choose-your-own-adventure centering around stick figures is one of those timeless ideas. Henry Stickmin has become one of the prime examples of an internet classic, and now, he’s returned with a new coat of paint and one last mission to complete.

The Stickmin series is all about one man and his goals to live a life of luxury. Depending on your direct choices, Henry can take quite a few different paths to glory, or end up rotting in a prison, but you’ll run into quite a few recurring faces like the dastardly Toppat Clan and Charles the pilot.

The Henry Stickmin Collection features all six modern classics with updated animation, a few altered jokes, and brand new references. The formula is incredibly simple, you choose how Henry will react to any given scenario. You’ll either fail or put yourself ahead in a way that should not have worked, I have never laughed so hard at a game before.

The biggest problem with narrative games is the illusion of choice, but there are no illusions here. Depending on your choices in Infiltrating the Airship and Fleeing the Complex, Completing the Mission will be completely different. Some paths take you to a train, others, to space, and even more see you take over the Toppat Clan yourself! Each final chapter offers a satisfying conclusion in ways you’ve never seen from AAA productions.

This review was incredibly hard for me to write. I still don’t think I’ve quite done this game the justice it deserves. Short of a few quick-time events, your experience is passive, but you get to choose almost every twist and turn the story takes. Puffballs has truly carved out Henry into a cornerstone of the indie gaming community, and he deserves everything he’s accomplished, I can’t recommend this collection enough. If you can’t buy it on Steam, go try the originals on Newgrounds. You will not regret it.