Sometimes, games release to the fullest extent you can push an idea. While Super Mario Bros. has been innovating since the 80s and will continue to for all of time, many puzzle and arcade games are stuck where they are. When you get a notably important mobile game, like Crossy Roads, sometimes the only direction you can go is down an entirely new road. Crossy Road Castle is a multiplayer 2D platformer released onto the Apple Arcade.

Mobile games tend to get a bad rap, but they offer a lot of content for a quick-fix on the road or to dive into and master. Crossy Road Castle is especially notable because it’s designed for PC and consoles first. You can play, alone, with touch controls– but the game heavily nudges you to use a controller. I’d recommend it too! Jumps are nice and floaty but you feel in control and movement is snappy and fun. Mobile platformers have never been my favorite, but I’m really liking this one!

The goal is simple. You’ll select your tower and begin completing rooms. Eventually, you’ll run into some bosses, that are all incredibly engaging and simple, and just focus on collecting coins and finding secrets! You’ll run into a ton of repeat rooms, but mastering them all is half the fun. I agree that it can be a bit too grindy trying to unlock cosmetics, and I’ll never enjoy a gacha system, but you’ll always have dozens of creatures and outfits to unlock.

I feel like Crossy Road Castle is a game that limits itself heavily by just the platform it’s on. Apple Arcade has a huge player base but incredibly low visibility to those outside the ecosystem. Many great games are hidden from wider audiences by no fault of their own. Crossy Road Castle is one of those games I’d highly recommend seeking out. I can’t imagine anyone would be disappointed.