On May 22nd, 1980, the world first met Pac-Man! Throughout the years, Pac-Man has mostly stayed the same. In the early days of 3D, Namco tried the Pac-Man World series of 3D platformers. I reviewed Pac-Man World as part of my Smash review series. When Mojang and Microsoft wished to unite every version of Minecraft, they created the Bedrock Edition. The Bedrock Edition brought along the Minecraft Marketplace. Players can buy skins, custom maps, and all sorts of other goodies officially licensed via Microsoft. There’s a ton of third party content on the store! It was only a matter of time until gaming’s biggest icon met the best selling video game franchise.

For Pac-Man’s 40th anniversary, today as of writing, Namco and Mojang teamed up to bring a Pac-Man map to the Minecraft Marketplace! The map gives players three main things to do. You can take on a first-person version of the original Pac-Man with a few modifications, create your own mazes, and explore the famous Pac-Land! It’s not a lot, but it’s a neat celebration!

Pac-Man has always been about eating dots and navigating mazes. In Minecraft, you’ll be running through a first-person maze avoiding giant ghosts. All of the Pac-Man staples are here! Navigating a first-person maze could be tough, but the map handles it gracefully. If you look up, you’ll see a constantly moving map based around the original Pac-Man. You’ll always know which pellets you’ve missed and where the ghosts are.

There are a few other modifications. Alongside the other four, there’s a new ghost named “Creepy.” Creepy is just like the other ghosts, except he has the face of a Creeper. If you get too close, he’ll explode. After completing the tutorial, you gain access to the Pac-Axe. The Pac-Axe lets you break almost every wall in the maze. You can find food items, keys to explore new areas of Pac-Land, and other goodies hidden from sight! It’s no wall chicken, but it was fun! I found it enjoyable to just shatter mazes with the Pac-Axe. You can even use it to escape from being sandwiched by ghosts.

Pac-Land is pretty underwhelming. When you first look at the area, you’ll expect a big sweeping city to explore. Instead you get a few street corners that are arbitrarily locked behind doors. Behind every door, you’ll find a new character you can play as. They all play the same as Pac-Man, but they’re fun to obtain.

The maze creator gives you a small grid to build out to your heart’s content. The game makes it super easy to place down blocks and build up your maze. Unfortunately, there’s no way to save or share your mazes online. I think that could’ve gone a long way for longevity. I’m not the creative type, but I appreciate the effort here.

You can purchase the Pac-Man map for 1340 Minecoins. It’s a pretty steep investment, but I think it’s worth it. If you’re the type to go back for high-scores, you’ll get a lot of fun out of the map! I can see myself hopping on every once in a blue moon for a few rounds! I can’t recommend it to people who only enjoy experiences once. The map is well designed and a ton of fun. As a celebration of the little yellow pizza’s anniversary, it’s a great time!